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  Everest Group IDP
             PEAK Matrix® 2022  
Indico Named as Major Contender and Star Performer in Everest Group's PEAK Matrix® for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
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Insurance Underwriting

Expand underwriting capacity, improve loss ratios and increase premium growth with Indico Data’s Intelligent Intake solution.

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Unlock speed and accuracy

Expand underwriting capacity, improve loss ratios and increase premium growth with Indico Data’s Intelligent Intake solution.

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Underwriters are

Too much

As much as 40% of an underwriter’s time is now spent on non-core administrative tasks.

Too much

Most underwriters can only address 20-40% of inbound opportunities.


Digital-first competitors are putting the squeeze on traditional insurance companies.

Intelligent intake,
intelligent underwriting

Improve loss ratios

Get the data you need before making coverage and liability decisions while better controlling loss ratios with guidance on when you should quote. Now, you can respond more quickly to win more of the business you want.

Increase your margins

With Indico’s AI and ML technologies, you can reduce your intake process costs with full confidence that processes will adhere to industry best practices, ensuring compliance while preventing underwriting leakage.

Write more premiums

Automating your submissions intake process not only allows you to write more premiums but also handle a larger number of submissions in less time and with no upper limit to intake capacity.

How Indico accelerates

powers intelligence

At the heart of Indico Data’s solutions is DocumentDNA, our proprietary approach to modern AI and machine learning. DocumentDNA enables seamless multi-channel, multi-document intake for any format, using accurate, automated processes that keep your employees “in the loop” – giving you the power to make more informed decisions faster.


Powered by an AI-driven, multimodal fusion approach to document understanding, we gather both semantic and visual information to drive decisioning.

Multimodal Fusion
Fastest Time
to Value

Our unique approach to transfer learning enables you to build custom ML models with as few as 200 sample documents – not thousands.

Generative AI + Foundation Model
Strongest ROI

Enabled by a patented ML interface, non-technical users can create custom models with our “bionic-arm” approach to stay in the loop of the processes they are automating.

Patented Machine Teaching

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