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Streamline lease abstraction, rent roll processing and more with the Indico Unstructured Data Platform™

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How the Indico Platform is different

RPA and template-based automation solutions fail to work on unstructured data, leaving gaps in digitization efforts since 85% of an enterprise’s data is unstructured.

Indico PlatformRPA + OCR Digitization Efforts
Standardized structured data (application forms)
Structured data with variations (invoices, rent rolls) Program rules for each variation
Unstructured data (lease agreements, CAM clauses)Impossible
Images (property photos)Impossible

Use cases
in commercial real estate

Lease abstraction

Abstracting leases takes hours. Extract hundreds of relevant details into a summary for property managers and due diligence. Automate entry into deal management systems.

Deal management

Entering deals requires 6 hours each and armies of analysts. Automate the extraction of hundreds of elements into deal management systems.

CAM reconciliation

Automate compilation of CAM allocation rules, coding and keying invoices, and other manual gaps left by MRI, YARDI, and other software.

Rent rolls

Extract rent roll data into standardized formats to quickly gain insights into cash flow, turnover rates, vacancies, and speed due diligence checks.

Other uses

Unlike point products which handle just one or two use cases, the Indico Platform allows business users to easily create models for uses across the company without needing data science expertise.

How Cushman & Wakefield saved 35,000 staff hours

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