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  Everest Group IDP
             PEAK Matrix® 2022  
Indico Named as Major Contender and Star Performer in Everest Group's PEAK Matrix® for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
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Shared Services

Streamline invoice processing, contract analysis, regulatory compliance and more with the Indico Unstructured Data Platform

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Discover how shared services organizations can unlock the value of their unstructured data.

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Free SMEs from laborious data-entry work to enable more value-add activities


Expand capacity up to 4x and cycle times 85% to compete with stalwarts and Fintechs


Streamline processes and create new solutions from automating and analyzing unstructured data

How the Indico Platform is different

RPA and template-based automation solutions fail to work on unstructured data, leaving gaps in digitization efforts since 85% of an enterprise’s data is unstructured.

Indico PlatformRPA + OCR Digitization Efforts
Standardized structured data (application forms)
Structured data with variations (invoices, purchase orders) Program rules for each variation
Unstructured data (contracts, customer emails)Impossible
Images (receipts)Impossible

Use cases
in shared services

Invoices & POs

There is no single standardized format used by all companies meaning formats that are not pre-programed require manual processing. The Indico platform understands Invoices and POs as a human does to enable automation across all invoice and PO types.

Customer contracts

Key details from closed contracts need to be captured in multiple systems so accounting, finance, customer success, and other teams can do their jobs. Find details, dates, addresses, and more within paragraphs and automate entry into CRMs, ERPs, and other databases.

Regulatory compliance

Regulators ask for various documents to audit controls. Index your documents to enable smart search to reduce the business burden responding to audit requests. Score incoming documents for non-compliance against established company policies or templates.

Audit planning & reporting

Internal auditors take a risk-based-approach in planning audits. Perform 100% inspection at scale to better understand exposure.

Corporate inbox automation

Corporate and internal mailboxes are manually reviewed to determine the correct team for processing. “Read” incoming emails, discern subject or topic, automate responses to common questions, and route items to the correct SME to accelerate response times.

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