Indico IgniteTM
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Indico Platform

Indico Ignite Services helps customers fully integrate, optimize and manage their IPA models, workflows and installations.

Indico Integrate

Indico Integrate is designed to provide assistance in connecting model workflows built in the Indico Platform with the customer’s designated systems and platforms.

Indico Optimize

Indico Optimize is designed to provide customers and partners with direct assistance in optimizing and maintaining their Indico custom models and workflows.

Indico Manage

Indico Manage provides 24/7 monitoring and optimization of your Indico cloud deployment environment, ensuring maximum system performance, uptime, and reliability.

  • Ensure your data is flowing to and from the Indico Platform with purpose-built integrations to the Indico APIs.
  • Instill best practices in your MLOps team to maintain your advantage.
  • Optimize your data models through regular audits to confirm their performance and accuracy.
  • Design continuous retraining of your models as new data is introduced.
  • Outsource the installation, monitoring and management and hosting of your Indico Platform to those that know it best.


Indico’s project-based services help achieve your goals

The Indico Platform uses AI and ML technology to automate the intake and understanding of unstructured documents, emails, images, videos, audio files, and much more, giving structure to this unstructured data. As a result, you’re able to get much more value from your existing structured-data-only software and technologies — including RPA, CRM, ERP, Analytics, and more.

Indico Label

Accelerate your time-to-value with Indico’s custom data labeling services. Easily and quickly utilize our bench of data labelers to alleviate this mundane task.

Indico Train & Consult

Professional consultation and training services to educate your users or partner's staff on the efficient operation of the Indico Platform. Increase your knowledge and polish your skills through our custom training and consulting services.

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