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Product update: New out-of-the-box models and streamlined ACORD processing

May 16, 2023 | Announcements, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Intake

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At Indico, we’re always looking into new ways to reduce our user’s time-to-value. We are making strides to minimize that all-important ratio in our platform design, new functionality, and ease of launching. In our latest release, users can get started processing documents on day one with our new out-of-the-box model offerings. Whether users are adding them to an existing workflow alongside custom models or using them on their own, out-of-the-box models are a secret weapon for streamlining any workflow and creating the ideal document processing flow for each user. Alongside carefully vetted and industry-trusted vendors, Indico wants to help users leverage all of their data and improve their business outcomes in less time without having to sacrifice any of the quality they have come to expect from the Indico platform.


Add out-of-the-box models to any workflow


With out-of-the-box models, users can integrate pre-existing models from vendors like Hugging Face, PrivateAI,, and MicrosoftForms to improve output and reduce hands-on time. They can use specialized models for common use cases like form recognition, PII redaction, KYC-essential extraction, and more.

Simple to use and incredibly powerful, natural language processing just got easier with Hugging Face


Sick of sifting through lots of documents for specific information? Hugging Face has your back. This powerful tool can identify and recognize specific information in a document to save users from doing it manually, and it can do it at rates that far surpass the capability of a human. Have it recognize specific information like PHI, PII location names, or just chosen keyphrases.

Extract key information from common documents with


Users can leverage the power of Base64 to systemize KYC checks. focuses on extracting only the most useful material from insurance forms, healthcare documents, and other important documents. This fast, secure, and accurate service streamlines any workflow with its intelligent processing power.

Protect private information quickly and easily thanks to PrivateAI


Use PrivateAI to expedite content redaction for sensitive documents. It works to locate personal identifying information (PII) in a document, which allows users to safely use customer documents as production data in model creation without the risk of exposing sensitive information.

Private AI works with incredible accuracy in redaction, producing redacted or de-identified data that will not reduce the quality of models when used as production data.

Reduce time-to-value for common form types with Microsoft Form Recognizer


Microsoft Form Recognizer is a pro at extracting data from common form types. Whether our users are working with receipts or W2s, Microsoft Form Recognizer is here to help. Add form recognizer to a workflow and watch as it extracts essential data with unrivaled accuracy!

Streamline ACORD Processing

Processing ACORD forms alongside custom models


ACORD forms are industry-standard, common form types used by insurance companies. Though they are common and standardized in form, processing ACORD forms can be a time-consuming and difficult task. Fortunately, Indico’s out-of-the-box models can help streamline the process.

Indico offers ACORD-specific models that can be easily added to a workflow alongside custom models. This allows users to extract the information they need from ACORD forms with ease. By reducing the time needed to process ACORD forms, users can focus on more important tasks and improve their overall workflow.

For more complex workflows, users can also add ACORD models to custom workflows. Armed with the ability to create workflows that work for each user’s needs, Indico customers can leverage this power to save valuable time and resources! With Indico’s ACORD models, users can be confident that they are getting accurate and reliable results every time.

From insurance companies processing large volumes of ACORD forms to F500s looking for ways to streamline document processing, Indico’s out-of-the-box models reduce time-to-value and improve efficiency. Try them out today and see the difference they can make in your workflows.


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