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Release Notes – Indico Unstructured Data Platform v5.5

December 6, 2022 | Release Notes, Uncategorized

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Thank you for being a valued Indico user. The Indico Data team is excited to launch 5.5, the newest addition to our continually improving platform. These release notes are home to all release documentation regarding 5.5, including our patch release notes.

Innovations and Updates in v5.5:

  • In Explain, checking the training progress of models in training resulted in models failing to load. The fix for this is contained in this release.
  •  This release contains improvements for API call processing time.
  •  Under certain circumstances, large storage volumes resulted in nodes being unable to mount. This is corrected in this release.
  •  This release contains a fix for prelabeled extractions models that could not process submissions.

Patch Releases for This Version:

  • 5.5.1
    • Default limits for gather_with_concurrency have been updated to optimize for speed.

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