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Success rate - AI projects in production WITHOUT the Indico Platform

  • Utilizes the Indico Platform to automate the processing of the onerous and complex contracts analysis
  • Increases subject matter experts’ capacity for regulatory responses by a factor of 3-fold
  • Reduces the time putting structured settlements in good order and discovered $100M in savings over the few years
  • Invests in automation to maximize business efficiencies throughout the organization
  • Frees up 12,000 hours of employees’ time with Indico Platform
  • Accelerates turnaround times on each loan deal by 65%

Success rate - AI projects in production WITH the Indico Platform

Top 10 U.S. Bank

  • Serves retail, institutional, and commercial banking and residential mortgage markets, with $55B in assets
  • Automates the processing of semi-structured and unstructured documents
  • Achieves 100% data accuracy


  • Service validation images were shipped overseas for review and classification as part of customer invoicing
  • Automates the process of over 2 billion images per year, with Indico Platform
  • Reduces image analysis turnaround time by 95% and lowering costs

We’ve identified almost $100 million in hard value, hard dollar savings, that we can quite easily achieve over the next three to four years using unstructured data digitization and analytics tools. That just headlines how impactful this is.

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