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Ashling Partners advises commercial real estate firm to choose Indico

Ashling Partners is a professional services & technology firm that drives efficiency gains and process improvement through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and targeted Artificial Intelligence (AI). Founded in 2017, Ashling Partners focused on process improvement and automation, starting with RPA. Fast forward to 2020; Ashling partnered with Indico to provide greater intelligence and automation use cases for various clients. With clients in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Banking and finance, and business services, Ashling brings their intelligent automation expertise to the table.

It certainly is a hot growth area. Traditionally one of the big reasons companies reached out to a firm like ours was to help them understand the business value of process automation. Now it’s pivoting to, ‘Help me make sense of all the various technologies people are bringing into this.

-Don Sweeney, co-founder of Ashling Partners


employee hours saved


improvement in process efficiency


Ashling’s client, a commercial real estate firm, wanted to use more of their data, especially from semi-structured and unstructured documents that their RPA solution couldn’t handle. Ashling directed the rules of engagement and began the process with specific business objectives.


Ashling Partners stress the importance of understanding a process and creating continuous process improvement (CPI) metrics. The logic is that after the initial deployment of automation, the customer should see accuracy and efficiency improvements quarter over quarter. Ashling, working with Indico, helped this company build a model that reads hundreds of complex, unstructured documents, including lease agreements, and extract 100 data points from it. Next, The Indico Platform converted the data and migrated it to the RPA tool. RPA then added the data into the customer’s ERP and CRM systems.


According to Ashling, there are two types of ROI, core and differentiated. Core processes like procurement, are measured by the hours given back to the company or increased available time for employees. Differentiated processes are measurements surrounding “soft” areas like customer experience. This client unlocked a new source of return on investment by dramatically increasing employee efficiency and customer impact. For this commercial real estate client, their investment yielded savings of 16,000 hours and accelerating processing time by 70%.

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