Indico Data releases industry-first large language model benchmark for document understanding tasks
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  Everest Group IDP
             PEAK Matrix® 2022  
Indico Named as Major Contender and Star Performer in Everest Group's PEAK Matrix® for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
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Indico 5

Go further, faster

Introducing Indico 5, the next generation
Unstructured Data Platform

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Accelerate, scale and unlock unstructured data
automation across your enterprise

Our industry-leading AI-powered platform delivers a quantum leap forward in handling virtually any unstructured data use case, with powerful new features to dramatically speed up workflow development and deployment. With Indico 5, go further with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) than ever before, driving continuous improvement, empowering lines of business, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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Staggered Loop Training

Accelerate continuous improvement

  • Ship with confidence. With a suite of best-in-class AI explainability tools, there's no "black boxes", ever, and with sophisticated MLOps support, you're in control of your performance benchmarks and deployment processes & policies.
  • Rapid Iteration. Data changes over time, and your models need to change along with it. By using human in the loop data, staggered loop turns this into a highly-transparent, push-button process that takes hours, not weeks.
  • Next Generation MLOps. Don't be satisfied with tools that settle for shipping and monitoring static models. As soon as you ship a model into production it has started to degrade. You need a system that is always building the next model.

Linked Labels

Extract data and automatically capture the relationships between document elements

  • Get more out of your structured output: Customize the output to the needs of the use case by layering in structure when and as needed. Linking labels together creates definition and further understanding of documents.
  • Accelerate deployment times throughout the enterprise: Relationship linking/linked fields allows more plug-and-play by removing the need to write post-processing scripts to reassemble the line item, table, calculation input, and other relationships in extracted data for downstream systems
  • Create exponential value: Linked Labels empowers consumers to reconstruct data by utilizing the relationship between data.

Automatic Document Unbundling

Accelerate downstream automation as never before

  • Unlock complex use cases: Unbundling provides a rapid solution to unpack even the most complex document bundles so organizations can unlock automation for more processes
  • Scale data to more processes: Intelligently split a file into documents using a point and click interface– no templates or rules required.
  • Reduced barrier to automation: Enables easy automation of processes that receive large quantities of mixed documents, increasing the number of applicable use cases without preprocessing.

Read the playbook to accelerating and scaling automation enterprise-wide

Learn from automation experts on how to speed up and scale automation initiatives across the enterprise. Plus, see firsthand how the new Indico 5 can help drive your organization further, faster.

Learn how to scale automation across the enterprise

Universal Document Support

Read and leverage virtually any document

  • Supercharged OCR: Unmatched support across all of your input formats regardless of quality, language, machine-written or hand-written.
  • Handwriting Recognition: Powerful, accurate intelligent character recognition for hand-written content.
  • Support for a global organization: Support for 70+ languages natively, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Workflow Canvas

Plan and audit workflows with unparalleled ease

  • User driven orchestration: Tap into unstructured data to create end to end automation with machine learning models, business rules, integration points and an easy to use interface, automation has never been easier.
  • Automation mapping for accelerated adoption: Built on our rapid 3-week deployment time, the click-and-drag canvas removes the friction in having to script complex workflows.
  • Audit-ready with the click of a button: Traceability and auditability is easier than ever allowing you to show auditors differences between model iterations and save money.

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