Indico Data receives top position in Everest Group's Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Insurance PEAK Matrix® 2024
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  Everest Group IDP
             PEAK Matrix® 2022  
Indico Named as Major Contender and Star Performer in Everest Group's PEAK Matrix® for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
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Indico Ignite™

The turnkey solution for automating
your specific use cases

Bring us your unstructured data, we’ll do the rest

Don’t let time or resource constraints hold you back from leveraging your unstructured data. With Indico Ignite, you can go beyond the scope of traditional automation technologies to maximize opportunity, reduce risk, and accelerate revenue in a specific process or use case, Indico will manage everything for you, from feasibility testing, training and set-up to lifecycle maintenance, upgrades and continuous improvement.

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Allows you to
up to 200,000
documents per year

Hosted and
in Indico’s
public cloud

Embedded OCR supporting 70+
with native
handwriting recognition
No code application
UI with intuitive
point and
click interface
to meet the
needs of
single use
cases or teams

Accurately automate document processes
as never before

For the first time, Indico Ignite gives you a single solution that allows you to ingest and structure a diverse range of unstructured formats, from text, CSVs, videos, audio files and PDFs to contracts, emails, and much more.

Indico Ignite removes or greatly reduces the manual component of document review, increasing process throughput and accuracy. All so you can better mine your data, accelerate time-to-insights, increase productivity and reduce risks.

We take up the automation,
you get down to business

With Indico Ignite, we set-up, manage, host and continually improve performance. No hardware required. No time spent learning the tool. No need to assign a team member to “own” it. Our unstructured data and automation specialists handle all of the technological demands so that your teams can focus on what they do best: delivering value to your customers and your business.

Do everything your other automation
solutions can’t

Point solutions and robotic process automation (RPA) platforms still can’t handle unstructured data. Indico Ignite can and does:

  • Get content into a structured format for automatic business processing by downstream systems (i.e. pay invoices)
  • Compile relevant info into a summary for human analysis (i.e. evaluating LIBOR contracts)
  • Turn unstructured data into structured for storage into data lakes to support data-mining
At the same time, by unlocking unstructured data in ways other technologies can’t, Indico Ignite can help you finally maximize the value of your other existing software investments, including RPA, CRM, ERP, analytics, and more.

Customize to your specific process or use case

Get the unmatched flexibility and specificity you need, even for the most unique processes and “edge” cases. With Indico Ignite, we will build custom functionality for you and prioritize your special feature requests, all backed by responsive support however and whenever you need us.

The result; you get better accuracy, more extraction fields, and more automation, all with less effort and at a low cost that’s right for your situation.


Loss Runs

Financial Services

Deal Management
Trade Orders
LIBOR transition
10K & ESGs
Trade Finance

Commercial Real Estate

Deal Management
Rent Rolls
CAM and other Invoices
Data Mining


Invoices & POs
Customer Contracts
Smart Inbox

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