Indico Data is mentioned as a Sample Vendor for Digitally Engineered Underwriting and IDP in Gartner Hype Cycle for Digital Life and P&C Insurance, 2023
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  Everest Group IDP
             PEAK Matrix® 2022  
Indico Named as Major Contender and Star Performer in Everest Group's PEAK Matrix® for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
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Better intake.

Better outcomes.

Confidently automate document intake and accelerate your workflows. Increase capacity and drive top line revenue. Empower SMEs to make faster, more accurate decisions with Indico Data.

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Top enterprises trust Indico Data

Driving intake efficiency across the enterprise

reduction in process cycle times
increase in process capacity
reduction in processing costs

The Indico intelligent intake solution

Legacy intake solutions have forced organizations to choose between speed and accuracy, weighing risk versus revenue. With Indico Data, now you don’t have to compromise. Our award-winning artificial intelligence solution gives document-intensive industries the best of all worlds, enabling data-driven decision-making, with unparalleled speed, at enterprise scale.

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Increase underwriting capacity, improve your loss ratio and drive net new premium growth by automating critical underwriting and claims intake workflows across P&C, Life and Health insurance.


Financial Services

From helping you underwrite more loans to empowering your analysts to cover more equities, the Indico Intake solution helps financial institutions do more without compromising due diligence or compliance.


Real Estate

Automate heavily time-consuming intake workflows like lease abstractions, rent roll processing, compliance and more.


Better outcomes, delivered

The Indico advantage

A lot of technology companies say a lot of things. Indico Data walks the talk, delivering time and again for document-intensive enterprises and turning intake data into a strategic asset.

Indico is easy

Indico Data is built for your business, not just for data scientists. We’ve designed our intuitive solution for non-technical users, with minimal change management required to implement. So you can accelerate time to value with Indico while empowering your experts to drive more value across the business.

Indico is powerful

Indico Data is built for the enterprise, robust, scalable, secure and capable of handling even the most unruly, unstructured intake data. Only Indico can take in documents from any source, in every format, and transform them into insights and competitive advantage.

Indico works

Where other solutions fail the majority of the time, Indico Data achieves a 97% success rate in production. Of course, our performance can be attributed to our intuitive technology, but customers will tell you its our easy-to-work-with technologists who make the difference.

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