Everest Group Report: Intelligent Document Processing for Unstructured Documents.

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The Indico Unstructured Data Platform

Unstructured data is buried across your company, out of reach of traditional automation, BI and analytics solutions. The Indico Platform structures this data, enabling you to build innovative, mission-critical enterprise workflows that maximize opportunity, reduce risk, and accelerate revenue.

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Reduction in process cycle time


Increase in process capacity


Reduction in resources required

Maximize the value of your existing software investments


Automate the intake and understanding of unstructured documents, emails, images, videos and much more


Analyze unstructured data, extracting actionable business insights and intelligence


Apply this data, creating new application experiences to transform manual and inefficient processes into powerful solutions that solve complex business challenges

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The Indico Platform unlocks the value inside unstructured data to allow you to streamline the next level of non-value-add tasks to be your unfair advantage in digital transformation.


Real Estate

The Indico Platform plugs the gaps left by RPA systems. Automate heavily time-consuming tasks like lease abstractions and accelerate the processing of unstructured content throughout the organization.


Financial Services

From helping you underwrite more loans to empowering your analysts to cover more equities, the Indico Platform helps financial institutions do more without compromising due diligence or compliance


Shared Services

The Indico Platform empowers legal, regulatory compliance, and accounting teams across Financial Services, Insurance, and Commercial Real Estate. From invoices to customer contracts, accelerate turning them into data to free up teams for higher value tasks.


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