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Going further, faster with Indico 5

March 27, 2022 | Announcements

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by Tom Wilde, CEO

Six months ago, to the day, I shared about the next big chapter in the Indico story. Today, I’m even more thrilled to turn the page on our company’s biggest update yet. 

But first, a little context. I’d be wholly remiss if I didn’t also take a moment to shine a light on all that’s happened since last September – because there’s a lot.

  • We finished 2021 recording record business results, including nearly doubling our revenue and renewing all of our customers.
  • A growing list of F500 companies running on the Indico Unstructured Data Platform, including brilliant organizations such as Cushman & Wakefield, Johnson Controls, PNC Bank, ICE, Chatham Financial, MetLife, FIS, and more.
  • A rapidly growing list of leading industry partners, including Cognizant, Synechron, Marlabs, Ashling Partners, Reveal Group, Guidewire, UiPath and more.
  • A doubling of the Indicrew, including key leadership hires Bob More, Chief Revenue Officer; Mike Young, VP, Alliances; and Brandi Corbello, VP, Business Development 
  • And we’ve done it all while transitioning to a 100% remote working model, with employees now located across 14 states. This enables us to scale quickly, while working with the very best and brightest talent available, anywhere and everywhere

Suffice to say that I couldn’t be any prouder of our teams, both for how they’ve performed through one of the most challenging periods in our lifetimes, and how they’ve come together and looked out for each other. Our company may now operate virtually, but the bonds between our people and the impact they’re having on transforming automation couldn’t be any more real. I think you’ll agree when I tell you what I’m about to tell you…


Introducing Indico 5, the next generation of our Unstructured Data Platform

The primary challenge we tackle with our customers remains the same: 90% of enterprise data is unstructured and remains largely unusable via traditional automation technologies. Our Unstructured Data Platform is changing all that with the market’s leading solution for Automating, Analyzing, and Applying unstructured data – the millions of documents, emails, images, videos, and audio files our customers work with every day. 

Now, with the release of Indico 5, we’ve stepped up to address a significant problem our customers have shared with us, one that research shows is pervasively preventing most enterprises from widely automating with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). 


The most recent Deloitte Automation Intelligence Report reveals that just 13 percent of survey respondents are scaling. That’s if companies get out of the blocks at all; recent studies show that only 11% of AI-enabled initiatives succeed in production (Indico customers experience a 94% success rate, by the way).

What’s holding enterprises back from scaling their automation and IDP initiatives? As you might expect, it’s not one thing. Challenges abound, from the technologies to the people and processes involved. That’s why we’ve designed Indico 5 to directly help customers accelerate, scale and unlock automation across the enterprise. 

The latest release of our revolutionary AI-powered platform boasts powerful new features to dramatically speed up workflow development and deployment.



Automatic Document Unbundling

Intelligently split a file into documents using a point and click interface – no templates or rules required. Unbundling provides a rapid solution to unpack even the most complex document bundles so organizations can unlock automation across more processes, and rapidly accelerate downstream automation, without costly or time-intensive post-processing.

Linked Labels

The exclusive Indico 5 Linked Labels feature enables you to extract data and automatically capture the relationships between document elements. With a more plug-and-play approach, there’s no need to write post-processing scripts to reassemble the line item, table, calculation input, and other relationships in extracted data for downstream systems – accelerating deployment times enterprise wide.

Staggered Loop Training

Using human-in-the-loop data, the proprietary Staggered Loop system delivers a highly transparent, push-button process that takes hours, not weeks. This approach accelerates continuous improvement and empowers ongoing, next-gen Machine Learning operations.

Universal Document Support

Indico 5 features out-of-the-box support for handwritten and hybrid text/handwriting documents, and it supports 70+ languages natively, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. What’s more, you can reduce costs by preserving valuable human resources for where they’re needed by automatically processing both high- and low-quality scans with Microsoft ReadAPI.

Workflow Canvas

Plan, deploy, and audit workflows with unparalleled ease. Indico 5’s Workflow Canvas tool, featuring an intuitive visual interface and click-and-drag canvas, allows users to build and review the steps of each automation process, allowing for significantly more complex workflows and simplified auditing.


New products to unlock your unstructured data

It’s become apparent to us that there are many, many ways in which our customers want to use our platform. A majority of our customers are interested in a full-scale, enterprise solution that they can leverage for many use cases across their organizations. But we’ve also found that some companies may have a very specific use case, and perhaps limited resources to address it. That shouldn’t stop them from being able to unlock their unstructured data. And so, it won’t.

I’m proud to announce that, in addition to launching Indico 5, today we are also introducing more ways that companies can deploy our platform – from accelerating and scaling automation across the enterprise, to solving a single business challenge, to leveraging our technologies to power their own. Our new product offerings are Indico Enterprise, Indico Ignite, and Indico Inside.

Indico Enterprise

Our “classic” platform offering, Indico Enterprise gives you the flexibility, scalability and customizability you need to make unstructured data actionable: to automate it, analyze it, and apply it in all your unstructured data use cases, across your entire organization.

Indico Ignite

Working with limited budget or bandwidth on your team? Our turnkey Indico Ignite is ideal for meeting a specific automation need for LOB or process leaders. Indico Ignite lets you focus on your business while our experts manage all of the set-up, hosting, maintenance, monitoring and continuous improvement. 

Indico Inside

Indico Inside allows technology solution providers and in-house software development teams to augment their own products with the ability to process unstructured content as only the Indico Unstructured Data Platform can. Our APIs, documentation and support can give you everything you need to solve a variety of unstructured data problems and unique edge cases.


It takes all of us to go further, faster

Virtually every member of the Indicrew has contributed to these monumental steps forward. I’d like to extend my congratulations and appreciation to everyone involved.

To all of our customers – thank you for your feedback, your input, and your continued partnership. With every generation of our platform, we learn more and more from you about how we can improve our technologies and help you solve your greatest data and Intelligent Document Processing challenges.  We hope these updates help deliver even greater value to your organizations. And as always please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

If you’d like to learn more, I invite you to read our latest eGuide, “Scaling IDP Across the Enterprise: The Playbook for Unlocking Unstructured Data.” Or contact us to schedule a free demo. We’d love to show you how you can go further, faster with Indico 5.


Increase intake capacity. Drive top line revenue growth.


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