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Indico Data: The Next Chapter

September 28, 2021 | Announcements

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I’m super excited today to announce the next chapter of the Indico story.  Tangibly, we’ve developed a whole new brand design and website, with all of the critical things that are important to communicate: who we are, how we’re different, and what we do.  But more than that, it feels like we’ve become what we have always been.  

If that sounds a bit cryptic, let me expand.  When I met the Indico founders four years ago, it was clear they had developed something really unique, valuable, and powerful.  They had a vision to take the disruption of deep learning and make it practical for solving everyday challenges major enterprises face every day with the reams of unstructured data they receive and process as part of critical processes that drive the business.

Fast forward to today, we’ve brought this compelling vision to life, and are now the leading software solution for unstructured data in the market.  The Indico Unstructured Data Platform uniquely allows our customers to do amazing things every day with all kinds of unstructured data —  texts, documents, videos, audio files, emails, and much more — no matter the scale or complexity involved.  So as we looked across the momentum of our product and customer impact, we realized it was time to update our story.  But this is much more than a brand update, it’s an entirely new way for our prospects to understand and experience the disruption we have brought to the market


What Do We Do

Indico is the Unstructured Data Platform.  Many times we are the 10th or 11th vendor our customers have evaluated.  They are typically frustrated and skeptical from the over-promising and hyped marketing they have been exposed to when it comes to solving unstructured data challenges. And oftentimes, the solutions they initially choose fail. That’s where we step in, to solve the hard problems and help our customers achieve great success.  

With our platform, we’re delivering the market’s leading solution for Automating, Analyzing, and Applying unstructured data — the millions of documents, emails, images, videos, and audio files our customers work with every day.  We turn that river of unstructured data into useful and usable structured data, allowing our customers to capture new opportunities, identify unknown risks, and solve their mandates to drive down their expense ratios.


Who Are We

We are a team of experts.  I don’t hesitate when I tell people that our team is THE most talented team in the world when it comes to productizing deep learning.  The level of sophistication, knowledge, and skill to make this happen is extreme, and when combined with the skill of our customer-facing team, it’s no wonder over 90% of our customer projects reach production success in an industry where failure rates of over 60% are common.  

Also, you may have noticed we have elevated the word “data” to be part of our company name and brand identity.  This is of course intentional.  The data is the beginning and end of the story.  As companies worldwide have realized that regardless of industry, everyone is in the data business, and Indico Data helps unlock their previously opaque and unreachable unstructured data. 

Finally, I am also super excited to highlight a total revamp of our partner experience.  Our partner program has become a critical part of our strategy, and our valued partners are extensions of us.  Whether it’s the technical integrations with leading RPA players or the addition of market-leading system integrators, we’ve made it much easier to become a partner or find a partner that can help you meet your goals.


How We’re Different

Said simply, we focus on the customer and deliver what we promise.  We have developed a breakthrough approach that enables our customers to turn small data into big impact.  And we do this by delivering a business-friendly application interface married to a powerful Composite AI approach that finally allows the enterprise to build custom machine learning models built to precisely solve their use case. 

As part of our brand refresh, we have also added a suite of experiences designed to make it easier to evaluate our offerings whether you want a concierge experience with our talented sales team, or a self-directed experience with our interactive demos or our brand new Trial Edition.  

Today’s launch represents a whole summer of effort involving virtually every member of the Indicrew.  We hope you enjoy it, and see the value that Indico Data can bring to solving tough problems involving unstructured data.  And as always please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

Tom Wilde, CEO Indico Data


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