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In: out of the box Azure and Exchange support… Out: complex technical architecture

April 13, 2023 | Announcements, Microsoft

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In our latest release, we added Microsoft Exchange and Azure integrations into our platform to make end-to-end data processing as accessible as possible without any additional technical expertise required. Whether a user wants to submit documents to a workflow directly from their inbox by integrating their Microsoft Stack with Indico or using Microsoft’s Form Recognizer models to speed up model creation for standard forms, our latest Microsoft Integration makes structuring unstructured data even easier.


Microsoft Form Recognizer Integration


Accelerate processing and reduce time on task with Microsoft Form Recognizer

Compiling data from standardized form types by hand can be a massive time sink. RPA solutions do a decent job handling structured content, but even the best solutions on the market require human intervention to ensure good output.

With Microsoft Forms users can improve output and reduce hands-on time. Use specialized machine-learning models for common use cases like W2 form recognition, ID text extraction, invoice extraction, and more to reduce time-to-value. All these models are available in the Indico Gallery for use in workflows. Let humans do the interesting work and leave the boring stuff to our machines – trust me, they don’t mind.


Microsoft Exchange Integration


Accelerate Microsoft Exchange integration through Indico’s easy-to-use interface

Many of our users utilize thoughtful and powerful Microsoft stacks to centralize their workflows, but once it’s time to plug it into another platform, they find that what was previously simple and accessible has become… complicated. Technical experts can find complex workarounds to integrate a Microsoft stack but they can be difficult to understand and limiting. Or, they may consider using RPA tools, but handing over control of critical business submission processes can be less than ideal.

With our new Microsoft and Azure integrations, there’s another solution. Built-in integrations enable a centralized model creation process with little fuss by integrating essential systems to Indico’s right in the app. Users can now access Microsoft models in the Indico Gallery, no technical expertise required. For email integration, simply provide the Indico platform with the essential details to access Microsoft Stack and instructions on what submissions to accept, and the platform will do the rest. From tedious to tidy, end-to-end document and data processing just got that much easier.


Streamline submissions


Speed up the submission process to get to custom output in less time

When it comes to unlocking value from unstructured content, time is everything. For busy companies, to-do lists can feel like they just get longer, not shorter, and recurring tasks can take up mental energy, time, and valuable to-do list space from important projects. Let’s eliminate one of those recurring tasks together. Systemically submit submissions via email to make the submissions process hands-off.

With Indico’s comprehensive support, utilize the power of Microsoft stack to supercharge any workflow. Streamline the submission process without the need for technical expertise by linking an email account to Indico. Emails added to a particular subfolder will be automatically submitted to the chosen workflow, rapidly improving the submission timeline through a simple integration process.

If you want to learn more about how Indico can drive better outcomes with better intake, or if you have any questions about our product, feel free to contact us.


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