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ReadAPI vs. Omnipage – which OCR provider is right for you?

February 11, 2022 | Announcements

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The team at Indico Data is working hard to find new and innovative ways to improve our services. As part of our 5.0 release, we have scoured a wide range of OCR vendors in search of the right providers to improve our software’s OCR capabilities. We are excited to announce that we have found two new providers for our best-in-class application: ReadAPI and Omnipage.

We know each use case is unique, so we have selected two vendors that offer different benefits to suit a variety of use cases, needs, and applications.


What is ReadAPI? What is Omnipage?

Both ReadAPI and Omnipage are Optical Character Recognition (OCR) providers. They help Indico transform your documents into word processor formatting by “reading” the contents of the page and converting it into computer-readable formats. Different OCR providers have unique benefits, skills, and cost levels to meet the needs of organizations with all use cases.


ReadAPI offers extensive language and handwriting support. It is also best in class at OCR-ing low-quality document scans. ReadAPI also supports an ample number of languages – to inquire about a specific language, reach out to your Indico contact. Some notable languages it supports are:

  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • and Japanese

Indico has opted only to host the in-cluster version of ReadAPI to optimize security for our users.


Omnipage offers language support for a number of romantic, Slavic, and Germanic languages. Currently, Indico is using Omnipage to support:

  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • French
  • German
  • Dutch

… and more! Omnipage offers support for more languages that can be made available to your instance. Speak with your Indico contact to learn more.

How do I know which OCR provider is right for me?

ReadAPI offers competent support for many languages, handwriting, and low-quality scans. It makes previously impossible use cases possible! For the quality of handwriting and language support it offers, ReadAPI also requires an increase in cost in order to host it on your servers. Roughly four times more than our existing provider for current users. Our team has fielded a wide range of providers, and ReadAPI shone above the rest in terms of cost for quality. If handwriting support and the support of languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean as important for your use case the benefits of ReadAPI are unmatched.

If you are content with more limited language support and do not need handwriting support, Omnipage is a more cost-effective option that our team has assessed for outstanding quality for its price.

I’m sold! How do I add it to my instance?

Speak with your Indico contact! Our engineers have made the process of adding these OCR providers to your instance quick and easy. Set up should take moments, and you will have access to all the support benefits of your OCR provider of choice.

We are excited about these improvements and the great benefits our customers will realize with them. We hope you are too!


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