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Release Notes – Indico IPA v4.4

November 3, 2020 | Release Notes

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Thank you for being a valued Indico user! We’re constantly making updates to our app and APIs, working on new features, and garnering feedback to be best in class for intelligent process automation.  Have ideas on how to make our product even better – please let us know here!

Innovations and Updates in v4.4:

  •  Add Data to Datasets
    • Datasets upload has gotten a facelift and additional documents or images can be added to a dataset at any time.
    • We have clearer error messaging, and the ability to remove and re-add failed documents or URLs.
    • Dataset type will now be disclosed first to ensure Indico can process files appropriately.
      • Document datasets are for files that can be viewed for On Document Labeling and Review
      • Text datasets are when labeling will occur in a text only view.
      • Image is for image classification datasets
  • Now files can be added to the dataset by choosing either of the “Add Files” buttons.
  • Files can continue to be added to the dataset, including uploading files directly and CSVs with URLs or text.
  • Clearer failure modes include: incompatible file type (i.e. uploading an image to a Text Dataset), file not found at URL for download, OCR failure, and others, to help clarify how to remediate on individual files rather than the dataset as a whole.
  •  Other Improvements and Fixes
    • The “N” hot key in Review is now disabled until the file has been completely reviewed.
    • Add Value to Label in Review will now always be present, and included in the tab order.
    • Copy Reset Password Link button now copies the reset password link to your clipboard.
    • Improvements to model prediction performance through a smart batching mechanism to maximize model processing efficiency

Future Releases

Q4 2020

  • Metrics Dashboard for Review
    • Metrics for throughput, time on task, straight through processing and other key acceleration metrics for a Workflow and it’s Review Queue.
  • User Identified Documents for Staggered Loop
    • Review users who find themselves looking a weird document that would be great for model training can now include it for staggered loop training at the push of a button.

Early 2021

  • Next Generation Image Support
    • Using object detection to identify things like signatures or notes on documents
    • Support for a broader set of image based use cases
  • Workflow Builder v2.0
    • Build a workflow right on an Indico Workflow canvas
    • Visualize how documents are processed from unstructured input to structured output, with the ability to customize every step along the way.

Keep up to date on our latest happenings on our blog and our latest releases on our docs page!

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