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Release notes – Indico Unstructured Data Platform v4.18

February 7, 2022 | Release Notes, Uncategorized

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Thank you for being a valued Indico user!  We’re constantly making updates to our app and APIs, working on new features, and ensuring our security is top of the line. This post will detail all of the version 4.18 release information including patches.

Innovations and Updates in v4.18:

  •  AddDataToWorkflow SDK Call Correction & SNS Customization
    • An error was corrected that was causing the AddDataToWorkflow SDK call to throw an exception in certain circumstances.
    • For specific conditions, SNS customization was created to send a notification via email when a submission enters a failed state.
  •  OCR Failure Error Messaging
    • In rare cases when certain pages of documents are not fully OCR’d the application was not giving proper notification to users. To fix this, hard errors and thrown and the submission is considered “failed” so that the failure cannot be missed.
  •   Other Improvements and Bug Fixes
    • The messaging broker software Indico utilizes was updated.
    • Security improvements for image models.
    • Bundled submissions usability improvements.
    • Submission retry improvements to minimize downtime after failed submissions.
    • Flower access was restored after it became inaccessible in 4.17.1.

Patch Releases for v4.18 :

  • 4.18.1: 
    • Further changes were made to fully correct the error that was causing the AddDataToWorkflow SDK call to throw an exception.
  • 4.18.2: 
    • Resolved an SNS/SQS error that caused double messages to appear when a submitted document failed.
    • Improvements were made to ensure consistency of prediction results formatting.
    • An error restricting certain image models from training was corrected.
    • A security improvement regarding how image models are processed was made.
    • Improvements were made to better Workflows permission check speed.
  • 4.18.3:
    •  The “add label” button was reported to disappear when review items are accessed directly via their submission URL. This has been resolved.
    • A ListSubmisssions query response time delay appeared in specific conditions when specifying workflow_ids to filter. This has been corrected.
  • 4.18.4:
    • Corrections were made to List By WorkflowID Permissions.
    • The default settings for the messaging broker software Indico utilizes were updated to avoid inconveniencing customers.
  • 4.18.5:
    • This patch corrects restarting issues originating from Indico’s message broker software.
  • 4.18.6:
    • This patch improves the usability of the retry submissions script.
  • 4.18.7: 
    • This patch contains CVE fixes.
    • Improvements were made to extraction model usability.
  • 4.18.8:
    • This patch contains CVE fixes.
  • 4.18.9:
    • In specific circumstances, time for task failure has been decreased to avoid lock ups related to extended postprocessing time from PDFExtraction.
  • 4.18.11:
    • This patch contains CVE fixes.

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