Indico Data partners with Convex Insurance to speed up and simplify submission intake and enhance underwriting efficiency
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             PEAK Matrix® 2022  
Indico Named as Major Contender and Star Performer in Everest Group's PEAK Matrix® for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
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Leverage Large Language Models to hit Swiss Re's 2024 Combined Ratio and Net Income Targets

With global uncertainty and market volatility at an all time high, it is more important than ever to solidify earnings resilience for Swiss Re.

P&C Re faces challenges on multiple fronts. Swiss Re’s new reserving approach for new business, combined with the pressure to maintain a high SST ratio while navigating a complex and rapidly evolving global risk landscape makes achieving the 2024 combined ratio target of 87% more difficult than ever.

Indico can help. Indico’s Intelligent Intake platform is proven in the global insurance market to drive significant and demonstrable Underwriting Profit increases and Combined Ratio reduction. By automating submissions intake, Indico drives enhanced triage, more effective risk assessment, and increases premiums written.

The Indico Intelligent Intake Platform works by ingesting broker and carrier submissions then deploys AI and Large Language Models to dynamically extract relevant data needed to log the submission and perform initial triage prior to risk selection and pricing. By removing manual effort, submissions can be processed more efficiently and underwriters will spend less time gathering data and more time assessing risk.

Our customers’ results show that when underwriters are more focused and effective, underwriting profits increase while expenses decrease and loss ratios improve. Please see below how a Top 5 European P&C Carrier partnered with Indico to increase Underwriting Profits by 68%.

Bobby Doyle

Senior Strategic Account Executive, Indico Data

If you’d like to further explore what a partnership with Indico would look like, feel free to book a meeting with me.

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Benefits of intelligent intake for insurance claims and underwriting processes:

Expand capacity up to 70%

Increase process capacity and revenue – without adding headcount

Reduce process cycles times up to 85%

Reduce process cycles times up to 85%

Increase customer satisfaction

Faster claims processing and underwriting decisions keep customers happy

Everest Group IDP PEAK Matrix® 2023

Indico Data was named a Leader in both the overall IDP market assessment as well as the IDP for unstructured data market assessment. We demonstrate the ‘strongest year-over-year movement’ of any provider evaluated in the 2023 PEAK Matrix® Assessment, highlighting our significant progress and continued innovation in market impact, vision and capabilities.

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