Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent Document Processing for unstructured data

Enabling the enterprise to automate their most complex document-based workflows

The Indico Unstructured Data Platform supercharges Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) initiatives by enabling organizations to automate processes that involve unstructured document formats, including forms, documents, text, images, video, and more.

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Intelligent Document
Processing: key benefits

Empowering process owners

Intuitive point and click interface for unstructured content classification and extraction allows citizen developers to design custom workflows

Beyond templates and rules

Quickly build custom machine learning models with just 200 examples, tailored to your document challenge

Complete control and transparency

Award-winning AI Explainability and an intuitive document validation user interface delivers unmatched accuracy

Intelligent Document Processing explained

Enabling enterprises to automate, analyze and apply their unstructured data

With the limitations of RPA exhausted, companies are asking, “what is Intelligent Document Processing?” Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) automates processes that include unstructured content, including text and images. And IDP doesn’t require rule-based decision-making or substantial training data sets. Intelligent Document Processing is the single solution for document intake, understanding, and digitization of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured documents.

Providing end-to-end automation of common document-based business processes, IDP handles contract analysis, customer onboarding, commercial underwriting, financial document analysis, mortgage processing, billing form reviews, insurance claims analysis, and much more. IDP understands the text, images, documents, and other unstructured data fundamental to making accurate judgments based on context.

Learn how to automate your most complex document-based workflows

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Built for citizen data scientists to solve business problems

Automate complex processes without data science expertise

Indico’s approach to intelligent document processing makes it simple and effective to build models that automate unstructured data processes normally performed by humans.

Most processes require humans to read documents, find appropriate data and enter it into a downstream system. With Indico, the business subject matter experts who understand the processes best build models to automate such processes.

Using Indico’s Unstructured Data Platform, process experts label the data points they want to extract from documents. As they do so, the model updates in real time to show predictions on how well the model will perform the task at hand. When the prediction hits an acceptable level, you’re done. Typically, it takes a few dozen to maybe 200 documents to properly train a model.

Having the people who understand the business process and the desired results actually build the models is a crucial component of the Indico approach. It turns these business people into “citizen data scientists” even though they don’t need any data science expertise. It’s a far more rapid and accurate approach than having business people try to explain a process to a data scientist, who then goes off and builds a model. With Indico, there’s no risk of requirements being lost in translation.

All Indico tools are in plain English and are simple to use. Fully working models can be built in as little as an hour.

Benefits of Intelligent Document Processing

Organizations that use the Indico Unstructured Data Platform see dramatic efficiency gains and cost savings.

85% reduction in process cycle times

Drive customer satisfaction and faster time to market for new initiatives

4x increase in process capacity

Drive customer satisfaction and faster time to market for new initiatives

80% reduction in human resources

Free up critical resources to work on higher value-add projects rather than repetitive low-value tasks

1000x less training data required

When compared to traditional artificial intelligence solutions

Ease of use

No data science expertise needed

Built for unstructured document data

Works with text, documents, and images to automate almost any business process

The Indico Unstructured Data Platform™

Indico Data transforms unstructured data into actionable insights. With its innovative AI- and ML-powered software platform, enterprises of all sizes can automate, analyze, and apply unstructured data—documents, emails, images, videos and more—to a wide range of enterprise workflows. The Indico Unstructured Data Platform enables companies to gain rich insight and maximize the value of their existing software investments, including RPA, CRM, ERP, BI, by enabling these systems to work with unstructured data.

“We’ve identified almost $100 million in hard value, hard dollar savings, that we can quite easily achieve over the next three to four years using unstructured data digitization & analytics tools. That just headlines how impactful this is.”

-Sean Nicolello, VP of Strategy and Planning, MetLife

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